About us

Batho Pele Sales and Merchandising (Pty) Ltd is an enterprise that provides end to end sales and merchandising services. We aspire to be the best-in-class service provider within the FMCG sector. Our key to achieving this is through our Relentless Pursuit of Excellence. We believe that our values of Dedication, Commitment, Passion and Loyalty will serve as a beacon for all our employees. We combine intellectual rigor with practical experience, developing inherent skills and knowledge to accelerate the success of our Principles.

The basis of our philosophy is to ensure all of our employees understand their roles and responsibilities with regards to serving our most important clients, our Principles.


Our story

The founders of Batho Pele Sales and Merchandising (Pty) Ltd, Shawn Visser and Grant Jooste, have worked together within the FMCG sector for 19 years. Grant consulted to Shawn’s companies with regards to legislative compliance matters within the SETA Workplace Skills Plans, Annual Training reports and Learneship environments.

In early 2014 they collaborated to start their own company. Time was taken to carefully develop the foundation of who and what they wanted to portray to the market. Their passion for the upliftment of youth in South Africa led to many hours of brainstorming and creative thinking, resulting in the choice of “Batho Pele”, meaning “People First” in Sotho, which soon become their catch word.

And so, the company “Batho Pele Sales and Merchandising (Pty) Ltd” was born, with the founders believing in a strong business opportunity for a new, innovative Agency within the FMCG sector.

On the 1st March 2019 Batho Pele Sales and Merchandising (Pty) Ltd acquired a FMCG company, with their Principal base and full staff complement, in a 197 transfer.

The Directors immediately invested in upgrading systems, processes and people at all levels within the organisation in order to increase capacity and to streamline the operation. To date this strategy has served the company well in increasing our Principles’ sales and market share.

The Directors are committed to creating a work environment were employees continue to strive for excellence in all that they do in order to add value to our external stakeholders.